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Return to the brutal world of GRAY 

Book Three of The Firebrand Trilogy


In a world where going Gray means certain death, Scout's relentless quest for an antidote becomes a race against time to save everyone she loves.


After nearly being killed by a deadly blizzard, she returns to Church Island only to find that the life-saving cure has been discovered. But the triumph is short-lived when Grays overrun their sanctuary.


Once again on the run, with nowhere to turn, Scout and her companions find the Hill, the last bastion of hope in this ravaged world. But, their illusion of paradise is shattered when an army of Grays led by an old adversary breaches the Hill's defenses.


In this final, desperate fight against overwhelming odds, the fate of humanity teeters on the brink. If Scout and her friends falter, the priceless cure will be lost, and mankind is doomed.

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