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David Kettlehake’s fascination with reading began at a very young age. Even though his father was a minister and his mother was a social worker and money was tight, his parents never said no to books. He still vividly remembers reading under the covers at night with a flashlight, while listening for the footfalls of his parents telling him (for the last time!) to go to sleep.


The first book he ever checked out of a library was Robert A. Heinlein’s Rocket Ship Galileo, back in elementary school. But as often as not, he could be found reading an Alistair MacClean thriller, or horror short stories from H.P. Lovecraft. Science fiction and fantasy novels came later, and even now the books he picks up are from genres all across the board.


For the most part, his protagonists are average people caught up in events outside their control, forcing them to overcome their own fears and shortcomings in order to succeed…or survive.


He deeply believes that reading should be fun and pleasurable, and that when you finish one of his books you breathe a deep, satisfied sigh, and wish there were just a few more pages.


David and his wonderful wife Lisa have three terrific kids, Nikki, Aaron, and Ian. He and his wife live in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. They love traveling here and abroad and seeing the world, which is why his stories tend to gravitate outside of the U.S.




Twitter: @davidkettlehake

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