Brother Mockingbird is a small, independent publisher committed to the discovery of writers from the American South. While our focus is Southern Fiction and authors,

we will never reject a good story no matter where it originates.

Brother Mockingbird combines years of traditional experience with innovative publishing strategies, so we can offer fresh voices in fiction. These are the writers most often overlooked in the crowded publishing marketplace. We do not set a quota on titles for publication. Our aim is to create a list of books and authors built on creativity, strength in writing, and good,

old-fashion storytelling.  We’re not afraid to take a risk on new talent!

We are currently seeking manuscripts from hard-working writers whose work might have been overlooked by the “big guys”. We accept all fiction genres at this time.



Publisher & Acquisition Editor

Melissa Carrigee is the owner of Brother Mockingbird, a small but progressive publishing house focusing on well-written stories and talented authors.  Melissa began her publishing career as a literary agent.  From there, she worked as a creative director on a children's book line for a publishing house.  Combining the skills she gained in both positions, she launched Brother Mockingbird Publishing.  Melissa's goal is to bridge the gap between publisher and author, forging a partnership beneficial to both parties. With a support staff created from publishing professionals she met throughout her career, Brother Mockingbird Publishing offers the author experience, professionalism, and integrity.  


"My strength is an understanding of books from the author’s point of view, as well as the publisher's point of view.  Communication, respect, and diligence are the keys for a successful relationship."


More about me and my vision for Brother Mockingbird on LA Talk Radio with The Writer's Block 

Nicole Langton has years of experience working with college students editing their papers and fine tuning their resumes.  With an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts degree in languages she is a stickler for grammar and punctuation. 


Nicole has edited books for several publishers and continues to edit for various businesss.

Formatting, Research & Editor

Julia Thomson, a former English teacher, has years of experience working with people to improve their writing. She has edited works in various genres, including non-fiction, poetry, and adult and children's fiction. Having taught writing, she understands how to help authors improve flow and readability to reach their target audience.  


"Julia helped make my first book (and now my second) significantly better. Her editorial insight made both more readable, but even more helpful, she kept me in touch with my reader. She consistently fed back to me questions and comments that helped make my writing more penetrating. I couldn't recommend her more highly."  Doug Hammack




Vicki Runnels holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development and a masters in administration. Over the last 20 years, she has been a teacher, director of preschool, lead teacher, and principal. She has sat on various committees and boards that promote education and she has worked to further efforts in making early childhood a child's first formative foundation. Vicki is especially passionate about education and specifically reading in the early years.  She developed and published a teacher’s guide and student handbook on gulf water marine life.


Her private collection of books is extensive and diverse, from children's books to antique books.


"You can never have too many books."


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