Brother Mockingbird is looking for great stories with solid writing to back it up.


We do not publish anything that has been previously published.

We are not looking for novellas or erotica. 


Your manuscript should be professionally edited before you submit.  All edits should be in compliance with The Chicago Manual of Style.

Please contact us if you wish to withdraw your submission or you have received a competing offer.

Each manuscript we are interested in will go through a review process in order to see if it meets our requirements. We will be in touch with the author as soon as we reach a decision.

What we are looking for:

• Action/Adventure

• Chick Lit

• Commercial

• Contemporary

• Crime/Detective/Cozies

• Fantasy: Magical Realism

• Historical

• Horror

• Humor/Satire

• Inspirational


• Literary

• Multicultural

• Mystery

• Non-Fiction - select subjects (please inquire)

• Picture Books

• Romance

• Science Fiction

• Suspense

• Thriller

• Upmarket

• Western

• Women's Fiction

• Young Adult

We will open back up in Sept 2022

Please click on the box below to begin the submission process.

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