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When struggling midlist author, Austen Landry, receives the chance of a lifetime to interview mega-star Radley Seager at the Sundance Film Festival, she jumps at the opportunity only to get caught up in the glamour, drama, danger, and secrets that Seager's entourage brings into Austen's orbit. This chance of a lifetime will change Austen's life forever.

Austen's cinematographer best friend, a contemplative director, a rising starlet, an elusive stalker, a publisher and studio head power couple, and Austen's vanilla boyfriend from back home round out the cast of characters. Through the eyes of Austen we glimpse a unique and unbridled view into the glamorous inner workings of the Sundance Film Festival - the multi-million-dollar deals, the exclusive star-studded parties, the gifting suites, the hot-tubs, and, of course, the swag.

Does Austen return home to New Orleans with something much more valuable than anything a gifting suite full of swag could ever give her? A week can change everything!

The Darlings of SundanceTracy Lea Carnes
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"A wise, funny, and slyly knowing novel about Sundance, filmmaking, writing, and creating not just the life you think you want for yourself-but discovering the life you actually need. As effervescent as a Perrier with a delicious bite of lime."
                                                             -Caroline Leavitt, New York Times Bestselling author of 
                  With or Without You, Pictures of You, Is This Tomorrow and Cruel Beau
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