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Book-loving thrill seekers scramble to get their hands on a novel that people are dying to read.


Curious sixteen year old Brighton Corley teams up with the new girl in school to discover if the mysterious book possesses supernatural power responsible for scaring readers to death. 

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First Place
in YA Fiction

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"The book was labeled as a thriller but had so much more! Just when you thought it was leaning more towards the paranormal, a super unexpected mystery twist would keep you guessing. I loved how the chapters were titled. I became intrigued by each chapter heading and needed to keep reading! I really couldn't put the book down! It was a quick read that I didn't want to end. I am happy there could be a sequel to this. Fans of everything from thriller, suspense, horror will love it. There is something for everyone." 
-Sandz, Barnes and Noble 5-star review 
"Lisa M. Miller did an excellent job in writing this novel. The dialogue was so fun and natural, while the characters were easy to become attached to pulling me into the story. The concept of solving a mystery that related to literal name of this novel was great. Kate Dorn is my favorite character too! " 
-Carly-Rae London 
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