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Lisa M. Miller lives with her husband and children in the coal region of Northeast Pennsylvania. Her love for mystery, thriller, and horror began at a young age. She spent countless hours at the library searching for books that made her want to sleep with the lights on, especially anything by Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King or Clive Barker. A framed picture sits on her desk of a nine-year-old girl reading The Ghost Next Door, by the great children’s mystery author, Wylly Folk St. John. It’s a reminder of her early fascination with genres that allow us to face the unknown from the comfort of our reading spaces.

She has worked in broadcast media for over two decades. Her first novel, The Running Path, was recognized with the 2011 Readers Favorite Award for mystery. When she is not writing, she divides her time between family and their charming West Highland Terrier.

Her second novel, YA Thriller My Skull Possession, will be released in October 2019. 


twitter: @AuthorLMMiller

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