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The Storm was a disaster of epic proportions. Billions perished and thousands of years of civilization were destroyed, gone forever beneath a hundred feet of water. Scout, Lord, and their small group of friends are some of the few still alive. Together, they have learned how to survive in this devastated world.

Until people start to change.

Scout allies herself with Singer, the shy boy with the gentle soul and melodic voice. Together they must find a cure for whatever is changing normal people into mindless, murderous creatures. 

They quickly learn that the biggest threat to their survival comes not from the wasted world outside, but from each other.

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“Kettlehake refrains from filling each chapter with gory scenes reminiscent of World War Z, instead showing Scout, Lord, and their cohorts in a distinctly human light ... A stylish and compassionate tale ...” 
— Kirkus Reviews
"David Kettlehake's Gray is a roller-coaster ride of suspense and horror for YA fans. Follow Scout and a small group of friends as they survive a world destroyed by catastrophic flooding and a shorted life expectancy known as GRAY. Kettlehake delivers a thriller with an original plot!"
                          –Johnnie Bernhard, author of A Good Girl, How                                  We Came to Be, and Sisters of the Undertow
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