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Return to the brutal world of GRAY 

Book Two of The Firebrand Trilogy


"My name is Scout, and I'm a killer. And it gives me no pride in saying so, but I'm very good at it."

The Storm that wiped out civilization five years ago killed billions across the globe, leaving only a handful of people alive. Scout is one of those few.

Now on her own, she is desperate to find a cure for going Gray, the worldwide pandemic that eventually turns the living into mindless, murderous creatures. But even with her newfound enhanced abilities,  she quickly realizes she can't do this alone. Along the way  she finds help from people like the brilliant, enigmatic boy

named Google, and the mysterious man who has somehow resisted going Gray.

But not everyone is a friend. In fact, sometimes old enemies return. And when they do, they don't come alone.

 Scout will have to fight to survive–not just the monsters facing her now, but those of her past as well.

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“There is no shortage of apocalyptic novels, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest because of its strong characters and fast paced action that follows an intriguing plot. Have to think there will be a movie of this, or series. Check it out. Five stars.” 
–Jim Christina, The Writer’s Block Radio Show

Listen to David Kettlehake talk about his second book, Black.

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