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Heartbroken after the death of his mother, thirteen-year -old Michel Toussaint searches for the one thing that will fill his emptiness. In the aftermath of a catastrophic hurricane, he sets out to help the stranded residents and animals of the flooded city. His last rescue of the day, a small white terrier with a crescent-moon-shaped tuft of fur on her chest, is spotted sitting on top of a floating Lucky Dog stand. The dog reminds Michel of his mother's lullaby, a song of magic in the moon, the power of dreams, and a reminder that nothing is ever as it seems.


Deep in the trees, a Magic Swamp and its mystical creatures eagerly await the arrival of the boy from the swamp and his dog. It is there where the boy with a broken heart and his little stray hound of questionable heritage and pedigree discover the secret of dreams and the magic that hides in unexpected places.

The Magic Swamp

  • Reviews

    Beautifully written and illustrated, it is easy to visualize in one's mind all that is happening in this heartwarming story of a Cajun teenager who is experiencing great personal loss. He finds a way to move past his grief by helping others. In so doing, he finds Swamp Dog and is able to, once again, give and receive love and move on in life.

                                                   –Beth, Amazon Review


    With the charm of a Disney movie, and the heartwarming enchantment of a Hallmark movie, The Magic Swamp is certain to delight tween, teen and adult audiences alike. Fall in love with the enchanting Swamp Dog as she nuzzles heartsick Michel toward hope and healing. And be entertained by fine feathered bebés such as Touritte & Tootsweet and Nanette the Egret as they and swamp critter friends assist Michel on this hero’s journey. A true treasure of a story.

                                                   –Crystal, Amazon Review


    My 5 and 6 year old are loving a couple of chapters read to them each night! They don’t want to put it down, and they certainly can’t wait to finish either :)

                                                     –Jamie, Amazon Review

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