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Melissa Carrigee

As a published author her works have appeared in local magazines, newspapers and magazines. She also enjoyed two years writing the column, “The Family Forum”, in Gulf Coast Parents & Kids magazine.  


Her first book, I Dream of Dragons, was written while attending an illustration class for college.  Not being much of an illustrator she decided to trace the pictures, but the story took on a life of its own and soon it became apparent that writing for children would become a passion.  The story was written for her young son, Logan, to show him that he could become anything he wanted to be if he dared to dream.  (And now she gets to prove to him that even mom can fulfill her lifelong dream and become a published author.)  Full of fun to read prose and fantastic illustrations that allows the child to explore the detailed pictures.

Her second book, I Dream of Unicorns, was inspired by all the children that read her first book. The girls wanted a mermaid story.  After writing down all the children's suggestions, the new book was created.  Both "I Dream of..." books have a fun picture hunt in the back of the book encouraging the reader to explore the wonderful illustrations.  An "I Dream of..." coloring book is also available.

Melissa's newest children's book, Louie the Llama, co-written with Vicki Runnels, is out now. She hopes you have as much fun reading about Louie as she did writing it with her friend.


She is currently working on an adult fiction based in the eighties.

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