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Kate Wilson hates to admit it, but she's unhappy and can't figure out why. Fearful of flying yet determined to find a reason for her unhappiness, she boards a flight headed for her Washington hometown.

Inn of the Woods owner and pilot, Oxnard Swanson struggles with accepting his multiple sclerosis diagnosis, realizing his dreams of marriage and a family might be over. Determined, he bides his time managing the inn, piloting his Cessna, and training his rescue dog Bayou.


Sparks quickly fly between Oxnard and Kate, when a snow storm forces her to find refuge at the Inn of the Woods. Maggie, a wise guest, suggest the couple step outside, where the magic of the snow offers answers to their search for happiness and a second chance at love.


Kate and Oxnard find love is like a snowflake, a unique and beautiful reminder of life's continuation, as each snowflake melts into the eternal hope of spring.

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"An absolutely gorgeous book about the power that love has to help us move forward in our lives. Oxnard and Kate are lovable, believable, and totally compelling. Highly recommended!" 
–Alys Murray Review on GoodReads
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