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The monster killing business isn't all it's cracked up to be.

We all have a monster within... understatement of the year. For 24-year-old Randi Matheson, she quite literally does. On every full moon, it rears its hairy head. She wasn't always like this. Ever since her attack, the animal comes out to play. And on one full moon, the beast inside tries to eat her younger brother.

Division X, a paramilitary group hellbent on the eradication of monsters, intervenes and saves Randi's brother from being devoured. They take Randi far away and imprison her in a place no monster can escape. Held captive, Randi is given an ultimatum. Work for Division X as a new weapon in the fight against evil or be dissected. Without a real choice, she chooses the former and experiences the dark underbelly of reality as she faces off against vampires, demons, and redneck serial killers. Promised a cure to her condition along the way, Randi does her best to stay alive.

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August HillArtist Name
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“I enjoyed the retro feel of this novel and its callbacks to themes with 80s-themed slasher films and other sub-genres of horror. It is, however, very gory, so if you’re sensitive to that aspect of horror readers will want to take some caution. While the situations are action-packed and sometimes deadly for the Division X crew that they take on the book takes on a lighter tone with its dialogue and characters...” 
— NetGalley Review
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