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Henry loves to read, especially with his parents. The problem is that Henry's parents are always so busy, they never find the time to join Henry while he reads his favorite books.

Join in the pun as Henry uses his imagination and creative puns to show his
parents just how much he loves reading.

I Mustache You to Read with Me will teach children and adults how to get
creative and discover how much fun reading together can be.


Visti the author's website for more information about her school presentations:

I Mustache You to Read With Me

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  • Reviews

    I was thoroughly entertained by this book! I bought it for when my grand kids come to visit. They always like raiding our bookshelves for the children's books we save for them. They couldn't get enough of this book! They thought it was hilarious and after reading it several times they went around the house trying to act out the puns or make up puns of their own. I loved the book and it was a delight to see the kids love it as well. The pictures were very entertaining, especially seeing what the cat was up to. I'll be paying more attention to this author in the future!

                                  –LAP, Amazon Review


    I am an elementary school librarian. Andrea came to our school and spoke to our students in grades 2-6. She did an amazing job and kept the children entertained. The book is so cute, and my students enjoyed writing their own puns. I would recommend both the book and author visit to anyone!

                                    –Amazon Customer


    I am an Elementary Librarian and Andrea Moreau, the author of "I Mustache you to Read with Me" came to visit the Kindergarten through 3rd graders at my school. She put on a wonderful presentation to teach the students figurative language and to light a passion for reading with the students. She was fun, exciting, and her book is a wonderful story that teaches the importance of families reading together. A must read for everyone, young and old!

                                      –Jennifer, Amazon Review

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