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Helder Pereira was a community leader, a healer of the broken, and a devoted husband and father; the memoir contains many inspirational messages, including his commitment to sobriety, his compassion for others, and his joy of life.


After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of forty-three, Helder and Carol began to navigate the very difficult healthcare system in search of the best treatment. After a long, hard battle, and realizing his cancer was terminal, Helder decided to plan the end of his life.


This book and his life are poignant reminders that love is the greatest gift of all.

Helder's Story: A Death with Dignity

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  • Reviews

    I read Helder's Story in one evening. It truly was a touching tribute and exceptionally well written book by Helder's wife/author, Carol Pereira. A glance into the personal life of a man, his wife and children impacted by this horrible disease called cancer and how they all dealt with it in their own terms. It was heartwarming and yet heartbreaking. It was also educational. Not only was Helder an amazing man for enduring so much in 12 years, but so was his wife and children. You feel the love of the family as you read the book. I would highly recommend reading this book.

                                    –Lydia, Amazon Review


    It is an amazing book of love and the power of love, friends, community and God. I was hooked at the beginning and knew I was on an important journey. The author, his wife Carol, really put into words all parts of his life. And he was so influential and inspiring to SO MANY PEOPLE!! The best of it was the thread of love woven into each page. You knew you were reading a story of a real life miracle and that is not something you are engaged with every day. It was awe inspiring and to me, that is a really important state of mind -- AWE. I have and will recommend this book to everyone I know. I want to thank the author for her candid writing.....that too was awesome!

                              –Amazon Customer (Kindle Edition)

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