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"This book is a true gift. What an inspiration Helder is to the world, especially the Cancer world. He never gave up and did it with such grace and dignity. Carol (Helder’s wife) did such an amazing job writing this moving beautiful story of Love, Family and dying with dignity. The strength of this one man was truly inspirational and how his family and friends always treated him as a great father, husband, friend and Co-Cancer support life line during this whole process. Every decision he & Carol made was always from the Love of Life and family. Through all the insurance red tape and the agony of Cancer Helder is to this day such an inspiration to us all." 
-Happy Customer, Amazon Review



Helder Pereira was a community leader, a healer of the broken, and a devoted husband and father; the memoir contains many inspirational messages, including his commitment to sobriety, his compassion for others, and his joy of life.


After being diagnosed with cancer at the age of forty-three, Helder and Carol began to navigate the very difficult healthcare system in search of the best treatment. After a long, hard battle, and realizing his cancer was terminal, Helder decided to plan the end of his life.


This book and his life are poignant reminders that love is the greatest gift of all.

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"Reading this beautiful account of a family’s journey through life is a reminder that daily, we each have the power to choose how we will respond to situations as they unfold. The story is told with honesty, clarity and grace; the photos enrich the author’s narrative and allow the reader to experience a bit of the joy with which Helder lived his life, despite the disease around which so many of his decisions were made. Bravo, and thank you for sharing, Carol and family!" 
-Kathy, Amazon Review
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