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Two men in a flimsy boat disappear at sea and a saga rich in humor and pathos is born. Meet Truly, Sara, Jay, and Link. They're just a few of the residents of Lake Ann, Florida, where sex, drugs, and murder set the stage. It's anything but your typical suburban neighborhood.

Fire is the Test of Gold is a sexy and suspenseful novel luring the reader into the mysteries of New Orleans' voodoo to Florida's New South, where the characters, scarred from the past, are willing to do anything for a better future. Through a bizarre twist of fate, the unexpected truth is delivered.

"Set in Central Florida, the story kicks off with online death threats and the disappearance of Truly and his wife's cousin Jay who have taken Truly's boat out to sea to scatter the ashes of Truly's father. Weeks pass without any sign of the two. Questions arise; how do the death threats figure into the mystery? Why does Truly pass out in the boat? And why did the two insist on leaving the port in bad weather? Randall examines the ripple effect the mishap has on Truly's family, Jay's girlfriend, and various friends and acquaintances. Secrets are spilled. The plot includes stolen marijuana, a tragic fire and splintered relationships as people get on with their lives without their two friends. Randall keeps the answers well hidden until the twisting climax. A fun read about gain, loss, and dark family roots."           
                                              -Dana Summers, syndicated cartoonist and award-winning mystery writer
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